Hola! Ciao! Shalom! Konnichiwa! Salut! Ni hao! Hujambo! (And Win!)

April 12th, 2016
Bookshelves-Donations-March2011 016
I still have the bookcase that provided the backdrop for the old site. It’s messier now, though. More books and all.

In other words, willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!
I almost said (sorry Rolling Stones): Meet the new site; same as the old site … but it’s not.

The total look of my website may have changed, but the favorite parts, except maybe the photo of my actual bookcase, are all still here. (Memo to self: Post that somewhere else.) With them, though, are some new features:
*More pictures, more links, more information.
*Writing games.
*Puzzle of the Month.
*Hidden pages.




Starting full-time in the fall, teachers, librarians, and their students can take over one of my webpages as their own. To learn more about this, head to the Takeover FAQs then take a look at the sample page. Click here to get on the calendar.

As for this section, I plan is to post something new every 2 weeks,
(and kids who’ve attended my school visits will definitely understand that word),
my writing schedule might change that plan from month to month. The past several weeks, for example, have had me chained to my computer revising a new book I’m thoroughly thrilled with. And while that book sits for its mandatory cooling-off period, it’s back to start in on the second book that has my attention now. More details on both books when I’m ready to share.

Meanwhile, sit back, click around, and enjoy!

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If you have suggestions or other thoughts about the site, I’d love to hear them.
In those comments, let me know if you’d like to WIN one of my new Gollywhopper Games combination flashdrive and slap bracelet (courtesy of the wonderful Jeff at USB Memory Direct.)  I’ll draw a name on April 28.

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