A Blue Envelope on the Shelf



Why is there a blue envelope on the shelf?

Have you read The Seventh Level?

If yes, you’ll understand the connection; Travis, the main character, is receiving blue envelopes with puzzles and messages which may lead him into his school’s secret society, The Legend.

Here’s why I like envelopes:

When you receive one, before you open it, there’s a feeling of mystery. What’s inside? Is it good news? Bad news? No news? Is there a hundred-dollar bill? An invitation? A joke? A picture? A present?

We don’t get real, hold-in-your-hand envelopes in the mail that often. People choose emails and texts over hand-written letters these days. And yet, when you get one, your heart beats a little faster and your hope climbs a little higher. At least, mine does.

So think about putting something fun in an envelope and sending it to a friend. Who knows what might happen?

3 Story Starters Featuring Envelopes

See where they take your imagination!

  1. Sonya got off the bus, grabbed the mail from their mailbox, and sorted through it. “Not again,” she said under her breath. “Not another envelope from cousin Taylor.” Was it even worth opening?
  2. “Whatever you do,” Mrs. Elias announced, “do not open the blue envelope on my desk.” Then she left the classroom for the day.
  3. Jerron opened drawer after drawer, cabinet after cabinet. When he found everything he needed, he stuffed it all into a large envelope. “This has to work,” he said.

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