School Takeover FAQs

How to Take Over a Website Page

What’s this Takeover thing?

It’s simple. Each time I visit a school, I am wowed by all the energy, curiosity, and ideas that fill every hall and every room. Students, especially, have so much to share and so much desire to share it. I’m not the only one who notices the huge smiles on their faces when I visit. Educators have wished they could bottle up that energy and make it last a little longer. Then it hit me: Why couldn’t I offer up a section of my website for student-generated fun and spread the enthusiasm to more schools than I am able to visit? And here we are!

Why are you doing this?

Why not?

This is one small way to make greater connections between students and creativity. Besides shining an additional (and fun) light on reading and writing, I see this as a spirit-builder, a way to get some of your students involved in a different sort of learning process, give them a voice that might travel farther than the walls of your school. Then there’s the other reason. It’s going to be so much fun (for me, too)!

Is this available to all schools or only to schools you visit?

Any schools. All schools. I love connecting with readers, and I cannot possibly visit as many schools as I’d like. I think of this as another chance to connect with middle-grade readers.

Any chance of a mini-Skype with this?

Absolutely! I’d love to visit screen-to-screen, either to discuss the process and what you and your students might want to post or, after the page is up, what you all thought about the experience. And we’ll save a few minutes for some Q&A.

What’s the catch? How much does this cost?

No catch. This is completely FREE.

I do have a totally optional request. It’d be great if you made sure you library has at least one copy of each of my books. Not only would I appreciate it, but history tells me you’ll have students requesting them.

How does this work? Will I have to build the page?

To answer the second question first, no. I will take care of uploading the content you provide to me. You will do what you do best, and that is to guide your students to create the words and pictures you want to post. When we confirm your date, I will send you a detailed set of instructions to help you create content for your Takeover page.

What types of things can we post?

Here’s a current menu of suggested topics. Choose five (5) from the list, then create away!

  • An original puzzle
  • 3 questions for Jody Feldman
  • School spirit: what makes you proud of your school (feel free to brag!)
  • Fun facts specific to your city or school
  • Fun facts about any current subjects in your curriculum
  • Book recommendations: 5-8 titles that are drumming up excitement plus a sentence or two to make us all want to read)
  • Jokes or riddles
  • Original artwork or photos
  • Fun story starters
  • 2-3 short stories from students
  • School challenge: a contest or activity to get more students involved
  • S. (One final thought to tell the world)

How long will our page stay up?

At least one week.

There may be slower times of the year (holidays and summer) when your Takeover page will remain longer. All pages, however, will be archived so you can share even after your featured time has passed.

I want in! How do I get started?

Click this sentence for the handy form. I’ll get back to you (usually within the week) to schedule your takeover dates. All requests are on a first-come, first-served basis. Let’s do this!

(Please note: School Takeovers will be posted regularly starting with the 2017-2018 school year as I work out some bugs. However, if you’re willing to be a guinea pig, I’m happy to have you.)