School + Virtual Visits

Virtual Video Visits
During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Ask Me 3 Questions
And I’ll Answer with a Personal Video

I already miss interacting with schools. So, if you are a teacher, librarian, or other educator in virtual contact with your classes (any age, any grade), please work with your students and come up with 3 questions for me, preferably about reading or about the writing process. I’ll answer wtih a video to share directly with your students (meaning: PLEASE DO NOT POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA).

For now, I may need limit this to 10 responses per day. Available on a first-come, first-served basis. Email me – – for a space reservation or for more information.



School and Library Visits

I’ve had a blast visiting schools across the country! Students energize me and remind me why I started writing children’s novels in the first place. Here are a few details about my visits. Please contact me if you’d like to know more.

  • I understand that no two schools are alike, so I try to be flexible and work with you. Generally, though, I hold three sessions per day – large-group presentations and/or workshops – which last about 45 minutes each.
  • Assembly-style sessions, spirited and interactive as possible, focus on my journey (from fear of writing to becoming an author) then move to the writing process (characters, ideas and inspiration, revision) and my favorite, Q&A … all with a PowerPoint backdrop.
  • Workshops, best suited for smaller groups, start with a spirit of creativity and encouragement, then delve deeper into your choice of character development, idea and detail generation, or world-building and setting. I can, upon advance notice, custom-design workshops to address Common Core standards or your current academic units.
  • Schools usually have me speak to students in third through eighth grades, but I have spoken to first graders and to college classes as well.


  • Rates for all-day school visits requiring an overnight stay do cover my hotel and meal expenses (transportation costs are extra).
  • I do discount for multiple-day visits within the same area.
  • I charge special rates for visits within 150 miles of the St. Louis area; also for schools in states I haven’t yet visited.
  • Conference, library, and book fair fees are negotiable
  • Please contact me for rates and other details.
  • For information on Skype visits, see below.

Virtual Visits

Full-Skype Sessions

Skype visits are the next best thing to being there in person. I’ll speak for about 10-15 minutes about my writer’s journey or about an agreed-about topic then will open the rest of the time for a Q&A. Sessions last about 45 minutes.
Fee: $200

Mini-Skype Sessions

I will pop into your classroom or book group for 15 minutes to hang out and answer questions. I make these Skype sessions available twice a month on a first-come, first served basis and just may bend those rules to speak with additional classes or groups that have read one of my books. In addition, I am fully available for World Read Aloud Day.
Fee: Free


“Thank you so much, Jody Feldman! Your visit will be talked about for years to come. Seeing students excited about reading and writing makes my heart so happy. Your fantastic large group presentation and small group writers’ workshop were incredible experiences for these students. You are a rock star!”
—Tracy Lynn Scaglione, Media Specialist, Dorsett Shoals Elementary, Douglasville, GA

“As a teacher, I appreciated the message that Jody sent to our students . . . writing ideas are everywhere!! So many times we hear, I don’t have anything to write about!! Jody used imaginative examples, like the gym mat hanging on our wall. She told students that it could be anything, like a cover hiding a secret passageway that runs throughout the entire school!   Both students and staff enjoyed our virtual presentation and we look forward to more books and visits from Jody!!”
—Mary Jo Miller, 6th Grade Language Arts , Belvidere South Middle School, Belvidere, IL

“I first want to thank you for taking time out of your day to talk to my students. I’ve had several ask me since our Skype chat if we are going to do it again so they really gained something valuable through the experience. Many of the students you spoke with are reluctant readers who, when they read, only focus on books from a very small group of authors. I was happy to introduce them to yet another author who is creating exciting fiction for middle grade readers. (See the attachment for a picture of some of our scholars after checking out your books from our school library).”
—Rochelle Jacobs, Media Specialist, North Clayton Middle School, College Park, Georgia

“This morning I heard students talking about “HOW COOL SKYPING WAS” and I also received very positive feedback from some of the parents. We will look forward to reading your next book.  Who knows, you may have motivated some in the group to become authors! Thank you!”
—Karen Southard, Community School, Prospect, CT

“My kids were just going wild yesterday talking about all they learned from you. I think you have definitely changed some lives in a very positive way. Thank you!”
—Charlotte Johnson, Fourth Grade ELA, Wallace Elementary, Richardson, Texas

“…the kids loved it and the teachers all came and told me that the students talked about it with their peers all day.  Thank you for making a difference in their lives as readers and writers.  My own son was also in the audience and came home and talked about it all through dinner.”
—Renee Chester, 3-5 Media, Sawnee Elementary, Cumming, GA

“You were so gracious to us today. I know your time is valuable and I appreciate you very much for giving it to us. The kids were so excited and wanted to talk all about it when we hung up.  Thanks for being willing to do this with us. We can’t wait to get your new books when they come out. Thanks again!”
—Maria LaBarbera, Lake Ridge School, Johnson City, TN

From parents:

“Jacob showed off his autographed book to everyone we saw tonight! Thank you so much for the impact that you made on our kids!”

“My daughter, Lucy, is in 3rd grade and she was so inspired that she woke up this morning to start writing a novel. She is working on her first chapter now!”

“Avery came home and wouldn’t stop talking about how much fun it was! Thank you!”

From kids:

“I love all of your books and I’m so thankful for you to come all the way from Missouri to Georgia! Did you see the librarian crying? So funny but now you know how much this school loves you.”

“You’re an awesome and funny author. I hope you publish more books!”

“This is an amazing experience to meet you. You are inspiring to me and makes me want to write more.”

“Thank you so much for coming to our school. I think you are a really good role model and I respect that.”

“Your presentation was really good and you inspired me to think about writing. It sounds really cool. And I know that I am not a really good writer but if no one likes my writing I am ok. Mrs. Feldman you are amazing. P.S. I look up to you.”

“I am so glad you came to our amazing school. I’m so sad you have to leave.”

“You shared some amazing stories. My favorite story that I think you should always tell was hou that boy didn’t like to read until he found “Charlie and the chocolate Factory.” It sorta explains me. I don’t like reading until I find the perfect book. I’m planning to read your books.”

“You’re the best in the whole wild world.”

“I now feel famous that a whole school met you! And the best thing is you came to mine!”