A Camera on the Shelf



Why is there a camera on the shelf?

Have you read The Gollywhopper Games: The New Champion?
If yes, you’ll understand the connection; Cameron, the main character, feels most comfortable when he has a camera in his hand. And yet, he needs to leave it behind to participate in the Games.

People often ask if my books or characters are based on me or on people I know.  My answer: never completely. I have to admit, though, I thoroughly relate to this trait of Cameron’s. For many years, I chose to be the one who took pictures at all sorts of events. “I love photography,” I’d say. And I did like it, but the truth? Photography was the perfect tool to deal with my shyness. My camera served as a great conversation piece and an even better escape mechanism when I ran out of things to say.

Does that mean everyone who likes to take pictures is shy? Hardly! I know some photographers and who are extraordinarily outgoing. And now, I find I enjoy things more without a camera in my hands. Even still, when I see something beautiful or interesting or unusual, I will pull out my camera to capture the memories. Here are some of my favorites.

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