A Hot Air Balloon on the Shelf



Why is there a hot air balloon on the shelf?

Have you read The Gollywhopper Games?
If yes, you’ll remember the scene during the puzzle/stunt round of the Games.

Why else is there a hot air balloon on the shelf. It reminds me of travel and I love to travel to:

  • See things in person that I’ve only seen in pictures
  • Breathe in aromas that don’t smell like home
  • Taste foods in the areas where they originated
  • Hear languages other than my own
  • Feel the excitement of exploring the unknown
  • Realize how wonderful it is to be home once the journey has ended

The thing about traveling is, you don’t necessarily need to go far away to experience everything above. It’s amazing what you can find within your own city or state, but if you’re lucky enough to venture farther away, make sure you take the time to try and notice everything.

Here are some places I’ve been and things I’ve seen!


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