August 18
School Takover, Volume II
Dorsett Shoals Elementary School
Has Taken Over!

Dorsett Shoals Elementary School

If I Could Tell the World One Thing

… it would be to end bullying because bullies are picking on people and beating them up. Bullies are a bad example. Bullies can hurt little kids. Bullies are mean and cruel and they will hurt kids. Bullies are sad about themselves so they pick on kids.

… it would be to stop the pollution that is around the world. It is not safe with pollution that runs around our world. We want the world to be safe just like the rest of us. We can’t have a sick world that we live on. We could not breathe and it will send us to the hospital. And that is not good for our bodies.

… it would be to never be afraid of what you put your mind to. Never let go of the things you want to do. Dream big, always dream big. Be the best you can be.

…it would be don’t try to be perfect. Just try your best. People won’t like you if you are trying to be perfect but they will like you if you are trying your best.
– Trey

…it would be no more pollution and no more throwing trash into the ocean. Because throwing stuff to the ocean will cause animals to eat it and, yeah, some animals can get the stuff around their necks. So moving on, pollution, yes, pollution is bad for the air and bad for flying birds so next time try to ride a bike but don’t fall like me.
– Javy

…it would be I will be good at math. Also people need to get good grades and do not get in trouble so you can get a good job so you can get good money.
– Luke

Riddles, Jokes, & Brainteasers

#1 submitted by Keira G.

Once a little goat was going to thirst if she did not find water. A fox was stuck in the well and she needed to get out. She knew the goat was up there and would do anything for water.

“Hey, goat!”

The goat ran to the well. “Why, yes. Ooh… is that, water?!” she gasped.

The fox checkled. “Ooh,yes it is.” The fox smirked.

Without thinking, the goat jumped down and gulped away.

“Now, how will we get out?”

“I know! Hey, Goat, gimme a lift, will ya?” Fox said.

The goat lifted up the fox. “Now I need to get out,” she cried.

“FOOL!” yelled Fox. “Only a fool would jump into a well without thinking about how they would get out!”

#2 submitted by Davis

Davis: What was my name 2 years ago?
Peter: Davis.
Davis: What was it 2 weeks ago?
Peter: Davis.
Davis: How about today?
Peter: Davis.
Davis: Knock, knock!
Peter: Who’s there?
Davis: Wow! You forgot my name already?

#3 submitted by Nicholas E.
You have 32 oranges. You sell half of them. You buy three more. You cut them each into four slices. How many slices of orange do you have?

#4 submitted by Tanner L.
Tim’s mom has 5 children: Tic, Tac, Tom, and Titi. What is the 5th child’s name.

#5 submitted by Kyle G, Jr.
It’s red vs. blue. The red is soaring and the blue is running on four legs. Who are the red and the blue? Where are they from?

#6 submitted by Jaden V.
What did the digital clock say to the grandfather clock?

#7 submitted by Jada
Why can’t you give Elsa (from Frozen) a balloon?

#8 submitted by Eli
What did one math book say to the other?

#9 submitted by Kaydence K.
Why did the cow cross the road?

#10 submitted by Jacob
Why did the turtle cross the road?

#11 submitted by Luke W.
What is a witch’s favorite story?

#12 submitted by Kyle M.
What is a cow with no legs?

Our Writing!

When I Grow Up
by Julen

When I grow up I would play games and make game videos and go to Six Flags with my family and build my family a treehouse. I would ride the Goliath. I would even go have Nerf gun wars and paintball wars. We wuld even have water balloon fights. “It’s cold!

“Ahhh! Booom!”

We would be a good family and we would have water gun fights.

“Fire! Splash!”

“You got me!”

We would have so much fun as family.

We Love DSES!

I have 3 reasons why this school is amazing:

Reason #1. The teachers here are nice and sweet.

Reason #2. The lunch staff is always ready for your lunch
Reason #3. Everybody is nice and playful.

P.S. Not to brag, but this school is awesome!
– Peter

Our school has Panther pride. It is really great here. Our school has a lot of fun races and we have a fun field day!
– Isabella T.

My school, Dorsett Shoals Elementary, has a super hero league. To get on the superhero league you have to earn a superhero ticket when you have good behavior. There is also a superhero parade.
– Karlita P.

Fun Facts About My School
*Fun Fact #1. Did you know, every year during the winter/Christmas time, Dorsett Shoals Elementary has Polar Express Day?
*Fun Fact #2 Did you know, all of the Dorsett Shoals Elementary school staff is amazing? They will help you and cheer you up when you’re sad
*Fun Fact #3. Want your child to have a great school? Then bring him/her to Dorsett Shoals!!!!
–  Cadence

3 Questions for Jody Feldman
What is your favorite color?
–asked by Jensy, Vlid, Dylan, & Ava
I have such a hard time choosing any favorites. There are too many things in this world to love. You asked, though, so I will answer. Some days, it’s a rich coral color. Others, deep sky blue. Sometimes, I prefer a vibrant yellow or maybe even a yellow that looks more like lemon cream. I can’t leave out the greens or the red or the oranges or the browns or the pinks or the violets … and you get the idea.
Do you like to go to the beach?
–asked by Jidim
I love the beach. I could stand there for hours watching and listening to the waves hit the shore and shift the sand or crash against the rocks. I love the motion of the water and how it pulls the sand out from under my feet. I have to admit, though, I get a little freaked out when schools of fish congregate around my legs. And I haven’t yet figured out if it’s possible to leave all the sand at the shore instead of carrying so much indoors. I don’t think so. Then again, I don’t live near an ocean, so I rarely get to experience any of that.
Do you like sports?
–asked by Keenen S.
I just said that I love the beach, right? I love sports even more. I never got the opportunity to participate in many sports growing up. We had neighborhood baseball games and we made up our own competitions with footballs, but I wasn’t in sports leagues. During my first job as an adult, my company sponsored an indoor soccer team. I joined and had the best time! I’ve also played golf my whole life. Mostly, though, I love watching football. Give me any football game and I won’t miss a down.
We're Talented!

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Let's hear it for the 2016 DSES 3rd- and 4th-grade students (this year in 4th & 5th grades!) who created this Takeover page! Pictures by Ansley, Brooke, Cynthia, Jade, Jalen, London, Trisha, Xavier, and other anonymous, talented artists. Additional pictures, which somehow were omitted from the previous DSES Takeover from then-5th graders Colin, Kaylynn, Ronald, Rylie, Sarah, and Skylar. Have fun in 6h grade!

Riddle answers: 3. 32 oranges minus half of them = 16 + 3 more = 19. 19x4=76 orange slices. 4. Tim. 5. The Atlanta Falcons (main team color is red) vs. the Carolina Panthers (main team color is blue). 6. Look grandpa! No hands! 7. Because she will Let It Go! 8. You’ve got problems! 9. To get to the movies. 10. To get to the Shell station. 11. Goldilocks and the Three Scares. 12. Ground beef.