Gollywhopper Update

February 15th, 2016

I have good intentions. Really I do.

I mean to keep you totally apprised of my writing, my progress…everything. The only trouble is, I get so involved in story and character, I forget my good intentions. But now I have a couple weeks to breathe between drafts … and so an update.



Yes, series! For those of you who don’t know, there will be Gollywhopper 2 and Gollywhopper 3. Same great games; a host of new contestants. HOWEVER, the old kids are back, at least a little. More about that another day, but here’s what’s going on, process-wise, with these next two books …


The initial thought – it would be available this fall.

The powers-that-be, however, have decided to give the whole Gollywhopper series a makeover (new covers for everyone! 4th cover for The Gollywhopper Games #1!). Instead, you’ll have to wait until about this time next year. The book, though, is written and has headed into copyediting, the part where I approve comma additions and deletions and also other points vital to your understanding of the story. Me? I understand it already, misplaced modifiers and all.

OH! And we have a title … The Gollywhopper Games: Game On!


I sort of just poured all my thoughts into a first draft. All of them. Except the one about the parakeet and the waffle. And when I got to the end, I was about 20,000 words too long. And so I took out a sword and sliced off 16,000 of those words just to get it ready for revision. I’ll be starting that in about 10 days.


But for now … I do some of my favorite things: walk, cook, work word puzzles, watch movies, and answer some wonderful letters.

This one came with my first bird’s-eye view drawing of University Stadium. Thanks, Faith!

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