February 8th, 2016

Once again, I am scattered, at sea, wandering aimlessly through Writing World. It often (maybe, always?) happens when I am between projects without a clear agenda or firm deadline in sight. So many possibilities, so many shiny objects.

Depending on the moment, I’ve been mentioning here and there (“there” being Facebook and Twitter and to whomever happens to email me) that I am …

A. Working on some picture books

B. Resuming a project I abandoned when I got the greenlight for Gollywhopper 2 & 3

C. Resuming a book I’d written (poorly), but put on hiatus when The Seventh Level revisions came in

D. Trying to find some fun characters for Gollywhopper 3

E. Brainstorming puzzle ideas for whatever book they might fit

The reality is, while I wait for feedback on Gollywhopper 2, I’m afraid to fully commit to anything which means I’m pretty much doing all the above which also means I’m not doing anything well. I used to believe I had the writing-multi-tasker superpower. I could write a first draft, take on a revision, and brainstorm a new idea, all in the same day. I used to think that. I used to do that. I was unpublished.

So these past few weeks, jumping from one thing to another, I’ve pretty much accomplished nothing substantial even though I have:

A. Rewritten a picture book, taking it from 720 words to 480

B. Reviewed the abandoned project; realized it needs to stay shelved for now – I’m forcing the plot

C. Decided I am finally brave enough to rethink the structure and frame of the book on hiatus

D. Set the stage for casting a new group of characters (if necessary)

E. Jotted down a dozen new puzzle ideas


It’s good, but it’s not enough for me to feel I’ve accomplished a solid month’s work.

This is the paragraph where I should announce I have just formulated a Grand Plan for the rest of the summer. Not happening. I can tell you I’m taking the next several days away from my computer, with just a pad of paper and some pens, in search of a passionate path. I know it’s there. I know I’ll find it.

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