Murder, Anyone?

September 7th, 2022
Fun at Gare du Nord in Paris. I did not murder anyone.

While I prefer to talk about books that might not make it to your radar, this time I’m going against that grain. It’s been a very busy travel summer—long plane rides, solid downtime, an unexpected 7.5-hour delay in a Paris train station. So, knowing the unpredictability of transportation, I chose to travel with a couple of sure things to keep me occupied and distracted. THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB did both perfectly.

Now, be warned:
Our main characters live in a retirement village.
The four of them are some of the most charming, interesting, quirky, real characters you may come up against. Their interactions are priceless and read more like a suspenseful sitcom than anything else.

Not surprising.
The author, Richard Osman, is a TV vet—producer of Deal or No Deal for British network Channel 4, creator and host of quiz and comedy shows for the BBC—and is an all-around personality. That personality shines in what’s currently a three-book series about near-octogenarians who originally came together to play at solving cold police cases. Now, however, someone in their community has been murdered, and they have the best vantage point and insider knowledge to try and solve a real crime before things get even more dire.

Simple premise, yes. But I read the second book (THE MAN WHO DIED TWICE) and plan to read the third (THE BULLET THAT MISSED) just to hang out with the characters and delight in some of the most fun dialogue. I encourage you to meet:
Elizabeth, the group leader who, clearly, has hard-boiled investigative experience.
Ron, the former union activist with an untrusting, toughness except when it comes to the other three.
Ibriham, the retired psychiatrist who may be quiet and reticent, but has a thirst for knowledge that can speak loudly.
Joyce who, in her own journal-type chapters, shows us her penchant for shopping and baking and pop culture (and has an hysterical Instagram bit in book #2). This former nurse may seem ditzy, but her different way of thinking has its merits.

THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB series may be the perfect summer read—light and breezy and thoroughly engaging—but it’s also perfect if you’re not ready to move into fall. Or, if you want something to cozy up to in winter. Or, if spring…

In other words, take this post not so much as a book review but more of a recommendation for those times when you’re ready to hang out with this fun and quirky foursome.

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5 thoughts on “Murder, Anyone?”

  1. Thank you! I’m loading up my kindle for my trip to Canada. This series sounds perfect for the trip. Hopefully, I will not get stuck in a airport for hours and hours. 🤞Thank you for reviewing, Jody!

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