Oh, The Horrors! Oh, The Hero!

February 21st, 2016

Don’t be scared. Don’t turn away, feet running, arms flailing, voice screaming in terror. Though I am about to type, and you’re about to see a word that strikes terror into the hearts and minds of some writers and readers alike, you can get through this. So brace yourself. Here it comes. (math)


Now that I’ve whispered that four-letter word, I’ll type it out loud. Math. And to make you more immune, here comes a shout. MATH!!!

There are other words that strike fear into my heart, but “math” does not fall within that subset. I admit, I excelled in the subject once upon a time. Math skills, however, do not have the staying power as do skills involved in, say, bike-riding. And now that I find myself writing a book with math as an important component (no worries—there’s still competition and plot and world history), I needed to brush up on a few concepts.

Enter our hero.

MATH DOESN’T SUCK: How to Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail is not a new book. It’s been around since 2007. When it first hit the shelves, it came out with much acclaim, and yet, having no reason to pick it up until now, I remained skeptical. This book was written by a celebrity, Danica McKellar. You might remember her character Winnie on The Wonder Years. So this was just another celebrity book, right? Wrong.


Even as comfortable as I was with math, I would’ve loved this reference as a kid. McKellar not only simplifies concepts, she explains processes in a way that girls, especially, can relate to. Think fingernails and shoes and crushes. Although it is geared toward girls, I have to believe that struggling boys might just be willing to find their way past the girlie references considering the valuable lifeline this book will throw them.

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